How to make a reservation

Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. If you arrive late, your service time may be reduced due to other customers’ reservations. Additionally, if you are more than 30 minutes late, normal service will not be possible and will be treated as a no-show without a refund.

1. Our service is only available in Korean. It is permitted to bring someone who can interpret. 

If you are interested in interpretation services, please do not make a reservation on this website.

If you inquire through Instagram, we will assist you with the reservation and payment process via chat through our interpretation partner.

Customers who wish to use an interpretation service should send a direct message to the Instagram account "colorgasanda", and we will provide guidance.

There may be additional charges for interpretation services.

2. Click the menu button (Ξ) in the upper right corner.

A menu bar appears. Colorgasanda has 4 centers.

There are Hongdae dongGyo-dong Center, Hongdae Yeonnam-dong Center, Konkuk University Center, and Busan Center. (The deposit account is different for each center. Please pay attention to the deposit. You can check the deposit account and amount by going to the bottom of the homepage's first page.) When you click on the desired branch, the date and time available for reservation are displayed in blue. Just click on one to make a reservation directly.

3. Precautions when making a reservation

If your name is "color", use the English spelling

Do not use spaces, but write them together. Please include your first and last name.

4. The name of the depositor and the name of the reservation holder must be the same.

Your reservation will be confirmed. If your reservation cannot be confirmed, your reservation will be cancelled.

5. The phone number is


It should be written like this.

The number above is not your real number.

Did you have a reservation?

It's the number you're looking up.

To a number that is convenient for you to inquire


6. For example, make a reservation

Name : color

Cell phone number : 010-1111-2222

Only by doing this can you check your reservation.

Above is an example. Avoid numbers that are too easy or consecutive numbers.

You must enter total 11 digits to search.

7. The reason for receiving payment in advance is that if you make a reservation only verbally, many customers do not come. Payment methods include card payment, cash payment, and bank transfer. In the case of payment by card or cash, you can visit in advance before the reservation date, pay, then return and visit again on the reservation date. In the case of bank transfer, when visiting Korea, you can go to any bank in Korea and deposit money into our account. If payment is not made within 12 hours of making a reservation, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. Therefore, we recommend that you come to Korea and make a reservation. Please go to the bank within 12 hours to transfer money or make a reservation when you can visit.

8. There are cases where friends in Korea make reservations and send money on your behalf. In this case, you can also make a reservation in the name of your friend in Korea and send the money in the name of your friend. It is important that the name of the reservation holder and the name of the depositor are the same.

9. Reservations for next month open around the 20th of this month. For example, reservations for October open around September 20th.

10. <account number>

Hongdae dongGyo-dong Center :

IBK industrial bank


Hongdae Yeonnam-dong Center :

kookmin bank 


Konkuk University Center 

kookmin bank 


Busan Center 

NH nonghyup bank 


11. <service amount>

1person : the total amount

weekday : 60,000 won 

weekend, holiday : 65000 won

→ 2person : the total amount

weekday : 100,000 won   

weekend, holiday : 110,000 won

→ 3person : the total amount

weekday : 135,000 won   

weekend, holiday : 150,000 won